Friday, December 26, 2008

The Girls

I can't call them chicks anymore, the girls are almost four months old and huge. This picture was taken in October and they have grown quite a bit since. Unfortunately egg production slows down in the winter so I probably won't see any eggs till the spring but in the meantime they are still very entertaining and really easy to take care of. They each have their own personality and are very sweet. I am still terrified of birds especially the hawk the visits my yard but I love my chickens. They even put up with the dogs.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Blues...

I was very excited to get some garden catalogs in the mail over this past week. I sat down and read them and dogged eared all of the pages of plants I might order. By the time I was done I was completely depressed, I want to go outside and plant something!!!! I'm happy that Christmas is almost here and if it wasn't for all the baking, decorating, and crafting, I would probably lose my mind but it's just not the same. The only reason I have to get into the yard is to visit and feed the chickens (they are huge and I'll post some new pics soon). I guess Nichole's Garden is moving inside for the season!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chick Update!

The girls Lucy(Australorp), Eileen(Easter Egger), And Phoebe (Silver Laced Wyandotte)

The chicks are growing by leaps and bounds, they look bigger everyday and are almost fully feathered. Unfortunately we lost Millie (the black star) but the others are doing great. Lucy, Eileen, and Phoebe are hysterical, very comical and easily excited. I've been putting them out in the run during the day and back inside at night. As soon as they are fully feathered they will be moved into their eglu and my house will no longer smell like a barn.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby Chicks!!!

You would think a person who is terrified of birds would not want pet chickens but because of the thought of fresh eggs and all the wonderful chicken poo for the compost, I've decided to put my fears aside. I picked the babies up at the post office (yes they come in the mail) and brought them home yesterday. I was absolutely terrified, I was convinced they would jump out of the box and peck my eyes out. Luckily, I was wrong. They are actually very sweet and when they peck it doesn't hurt. I've had to handle them quite a bit as one of them keeps getting pasted up (poop stuck all over his little bum) which is very dangerous and has to be cleaned regularly. I chose four breeds that are said to be friendly and good egg layers: Easter Egger, Black Star, Australorp and a Silver Laced Wyandotte. They will live in the house for the next 3-4 weeks and will eventually move outside to their eglu. Hopefully this will help with my bird fear and I will stop running for the house every time there's a woodpecker visiting my garden.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Waiting For Spring....and some updates

I've been getting bulb catalogs for weeks now which has got me very excited. I started looking through some garden photos and have realized how much more I enjoy my garden in the spring. Everything is so lush and colorful. Don't get me wrong, I love my summer flowering plants especially my daylilys but looking through these photos reminded me how nice it is to work outside in the spring. It's still cool out not hot and humid. It's not buggy and the grass is actually green. I'll be happy to see my mums and asters bloom but there is nothing like the colors of spring. Now for some updates. I've been a very lazy blogger but have been very busy in the yard. Many beds have been expanded to make room for daylilys mostly gifts from my wonderful daylily friends. A few trees and hydrangeas have been moved and I've discovered the joy of taking cuttings. I've never realized how easy (and Cheap) it is. I've got several mums cuttings that have rooted and I am working on some hydrangeas. And last but not least I am awaiting the arrival of four baby chicks. I've ordered a coop and can't wait for them to arrive so be on the watch out for chicken updates.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Garden Critters

I'm not really a bug person and usually lose it if I find bugs in the house but it makes me very happy to see them in the garden especially if they are helpful. The bees have been very busy in my yard despite all of the honey bee loss we've seen lately. I was very excited about the preying mantis until Janice informed that they get big enough to eat birds. I've seen huge one's but I always thought they ate bugs only. Hopefully I don't witness a preying mantis attack and eat a bird. I believe the butterfly is a black swallow tail. I'm not so crazy about the ants, slugs or snails but they take cute pictures and I just can't get myself to use any kind of pesticides even if they are munching on my plants. You may want to click on the images to get a better look.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Holy Daylilys!!!

In the past week and a half the daylilys have just exploded. Most of them are first time bloomers in my garden so I have been very excited. Who couldn't love a plant that comes in 60,000 varieties, really only needs sunshine and water, can be easily split to be shared and you can easily hybridize. I would recommend daylilys to everyone, even if you don't have a green thumb. Enjoy the slide show!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some Recent Blooms

Jamaican Me Crazy (Trimmer, 1999)
height 28", season M, bloom 5.5", Rebloom, foliage sev. , Tetraploid
yellow with dark purple halo above green throat

Touched by Magic (Salter, 2000)
height 26", season M, bloom 5", Rebloom, foliage sev. , Tetraploid
coral rose and peach blend with gold edge above green throat

Mildred Mitchell (Mitchell-K., 1998)
height 26", season EM, bloom 6.5", Rebloom, foliage ev. , Tetraploid
lavender with blue eye and edge above green throat

Tennessee Flycatcher (HARRIS-Reinke, 1992)
height 34", season EM, bloom 10", foliage ev. , Diploid , Spider Ratio 5.60:1
creamy lavender spider with dark burgundy eyezone above cream throat

Lullaby Baby (SPALDING-W., 1975) height 19", season EM, bloom 3.5", foliage sev. , Diploid
light pink with green throat
Jolyene Nichole (SPALDING-GUILLORY, 1984) height 14", season M, bloom 6", foliage ev. , Diploid
rose blend with green throat

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A few FFOs

Little Wild Flower (Stamile-G., 1997)
height 13", season EM, bloom 2", Rebloom, foliage sev. , Diploid , Double
red coral blend with green throat

Doma Knaresborough (Petit, 1994)
height 17", season EM, bloom 5.5", foliage ev. , Tetraploid
pink with yellow cream watermark above green throat

Chippewa Bride (Kamensky, 1992)
height 18", season E, bloom 3", Rebloom, foliage dor. , Diploid
apricot blend with green throat

Nicole Enduring (Limmer, 2007)
height 31", season M, bloom 5.5", Rebloom, foliage dor. , Tetraploid
orange with red eye and edge
[(Martian Love x tetra Dragons Eye) x (Pumpkin Moonshine x Heaven's Glory)]

This is the first time any of these have bloomed in my garden. The first three were planted last summer. Nicole Enduring was won at the LIDS auction and planted about a month ago.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Southwestern Treasure

Southwestern Treasure (Salter, 1998)
height 26", season EM, bloom 6", Rebloom, foliage sev. , Tetraploid
orange self with green throat. The picture really doesn't do this flower any justice. Yesterday, 06/19/08 was the first time it bloomed for me and I love it. It was a very nice surprise especially since we have had so much rain and I hadn't checked the daylilies in a few days. So when I walked outside with my coffee, I spotted it from all the way across the yard. It made my day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008