Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!!!

A new may knight salvia and robinson's red tanacetum, aside from the new daylilys my favorite purchases so far!
I'm not sure what these are or where they came from but I like them!
The peonies are getting ready! If you look close enough there is a tiny little ant on the bottom of the bud.
A very hot pink azalea
A Polygonatum from Melanie's plant sale !
Lily Of The Valley
A dainty little english daisy
A Coreopsis, "Jethro Tull"

A yellow and white scotch broom and my new orange and yellow one.
Here's one of my first purchases this season Baptisia Australis or False Indigo. I planted it a few weeks ago and it's still blooming!

Some Violas, some just planted and some I grew from seed a few years ago

Here are some beautiful Alliums!!


Jane Marie said...

I love those happy pansy faces. My lily of the valley bloomed today also.

Babs said...

Hi there! Thanks for your comment. It sort of took bloom day for me to realize that I had nothing to photograph and nothing to post. But it's nice and sunny today so maybe that will get things growing :) I keep telling myself, patience, patience, patience.