Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chick Update!

The girls Lucy(Australorp), Eileen(Easter Egger), And Phoebe (Silver Laced Wyandotte)

The chicks are growing by leaps and bounds, they look bigger everyday and are almost fully feathered. Unfortunately we lost Millie (the black star) but the others are doing great. Lucy, Eileen, and Phoebe are hysterical, very comical and easily excited. I've been putting them out in the run during the day and back inside at night. As soon as they are fully feathered they will be moved into their eglu and my house will no longer smell like a barn.


Shibaguyz said...

I'm so jealous reading everyone's posts with their new chicks. Until we move to a larger place, we're just going to have to live vicariously by reading posts like this one.

Great looking chicks!

Georgiagirl said...

Sooo CUTE !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nichole, It's your Aunt Debbie. I never knew how much you had going on. This is amazing! If grandma could only see what you have done. {I'm sure she does!} Keep up all the amazing work. P.S. is it a boy or a girl? Love Ya